Terms & Conditions

Prior to using Copy Cells’s services, please carefully read and understand the following terms and conditions. All the users, customers, and visitors accessing and/or using this website shall agree to these terms and conditions as well as our privacy policy. By placing an order on this website, you are deemed to have given your unconditional consent to the following terms and conditions, including the payment terms and the privacy policy.

Turnaround Period and Work Approach

Our working days are from Sunday to Thursday. We don’t work on weekends and national holidays. We require minimum 3-5 days for small and 5-7 days for larger projects. If you want it done earlier, you shall reach out to us. To ensure quality of delivered work, every order is first reviewed in detail and then assigned to a relevant field writer. Once the writer has finished, his or her completed work is forwarded to our expert editing team. Work is not delivered if it lacks quality, editors send it back for revisions for further polish and ensuring compliance. We strongly recommend our customers to provide all the necessary information and place their order through the form on our website. Otherwise the work may not meet your expected standards. To know more about turnaround times for large projects, you shall reach out to us. Turnaround times are also dependent on how promptly we receive your approval and/or feedback. When working on large projects, we send over partially completed drafts to ensure quality of work is up to par. If there is a delay in approval/feedback, turnaround time may get affected. If you have uniquely specific requirements in terms of compliance and/or deadline, reach out to us immediately and we will let you know if we can cater to your requirements.

Intellectual Rights

Copy Cells works as a ghost writer for you. Upon completion of transaction, all legal rights to written work will be transferred to you as an official owner. Ownership shall be granted, only and if payment has been made in full and there are not any outstanding dues. Anyone working for Copy Cells will never ask you for publishing or reselling of your work for any other customer.


Content/creative writing can be subjective, therefore, we understand it may take time to get closer to what you are looking for. We offer unlimited free revisions within 15 days of your order delivery.You may ask for a free revision within a 15-day window from when the work is delivered. In case revision is requested after 15 days, you will be charged for it.Free revisions are only applicable if requested changes don’t deviate from initial guidelines. If revision is due to deviation from initial guidelines or involves compliance with additional requirements, we charge an additional fee adequate for the amount of work required. If your 15-day window of requesting free revisions has expired and/or you want us to comply with additional requirements or have deviated from initial guidelines, you will be charged for any such revision(s).Revision charges don’t include additional word count.

Ownership & Legal Rights

After the completion of every transaction, the customer officially becomes the owner of the copy by attaining all the legal rights. Ownership or right to intellectual property will never be contested by Copy Cells or its employees. Ownership will only be transferred to the customer upon full and final payment for all the work Copy Cells has done. Once a customer is completely satisfied and does not require any further revision(s) or modification, ownership is transferred. Being the owner of delivered copy, you are at complete liberty to further modify, abstract or manipulate the work at your own discretion. Copy Cells will not be liable for any such subsequent modifications or changes made to its work.